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Twist of Fate

No one dare to open it.

Black Friday

I bought 3 things.

Track pants

Gonna build this manager chair right now and test it out



Iphone 4 - Stuck on Apple Logo

So my iphone 4 was stuck on apple logo after the battery died out and I tried to recharge it. After recharged it remained on the apple logo., not good.

I've Tried:
-hard reset, don't work
-recovery mode escape, don't work
-charging in outlet, laptop, car - don't work

Worst come to worst, the only solution.

The solution: restore and lose all your data.
Restore to 4.3.3 while you can.
I was lucky. Apple didn't stop singing.
Restore, custom FW, preserved baseband,

iphone 4 is still unlocked !
Wiped clean and is fast like a new phone.

Asus EEE Transformer Tablet - Review

So this ASUS tablet, after a week I guess of testing and using it. It's quite nice.
Let's break this down, Pros and cons.

does everything you need it to do- email surf web, music, youtube, fb
Bonus point: flash content is useable.
Screen is responsive to touch, And I now have the touch screen protector on.
The android Honeycomb is decent. 

Android market store - no where near Apple's app store. 
The apps -need to have more updates to fix bugs. Even facebook sometimes causes a "FORCE CLOSE"
So the APPS need improvement on stability and updates to make that happen.
Monthly updates at least if anything.
More personalization is needed. At least something close to a Jailbroken iPAD. 
Customization is limited.

Another problem. the Market and some of the other apps have a long refresh or reload time.
This definitely needs to change. Sometimes the app doesn't even load up.
My guess is that it's either the app's server being slow. Or the App itself needs improvement. Lastly, it could be the tablet can't handle the app. My bet is on first 2 reasons. 

So, other then the apps causing a downside. Android tabs are pretty good. 
Hopefully, after getting and Updating to ICS (ice cream sandwich), things will get even better. 
But then again, that doesn't solve the problems of the APP's server being slow or The APPS aren't getting updated to fix bugs and crashes.  

Why not get the iPad 2?
Easy, it costs 500$.
Unless I'm making $, getting that is not worth it.
But then again, Black Friday's approaching. Let's see what the price drops too, maybe insignificant.


Daily Schedule

Wake up
Brush Teeth
Update on news / social news
Do Misc.
Try to study
Get distracted on computer
Find some way to avoid studying
Digest with TV
Entertainment / TV on laptop or the TV, While digesting
Shower/ Brush Teeth

I need to get done with MCAT.
So I Can see what's next.

Jan 28, 2012 - 1 PM - MCAT F DAY

I need a Change!!!!!!!!!!

Ben And Jerry

So, I attended a Ben and Jerry event, in which they were the two main speakers.
Everything can be summed up into a few lines out of the 1hr and 30 min give or take, long event.

Business is power.
Therefore Business should use that power to help social problems and increase the quality of life for everyone.
At Ben and Jerry, they stick to values such as the line above. We help people.
Future generations need to stick to their values. (they never mentioned what kind)
That is all.

Then everyone broke loose for the free ICE CREAM, of course.

Fudgy Brownie!!

3 of the fudgy brownies are mine.
1 fudy bronie and 1 cherry garcia are you know whos. (shhh)

I don't or shall I say really eat Ben and Jerry. But let's review the taste of this "fudgy Brownie"
PRO: The inside the vanilla and brownie bits are quite nice, but at first I did not see the brownie bits.
CON: The outer chocolate shell is way too sweet. If it was thinner and less "chocolatey" then all is good.

Side note: Lactose intolerant people are safe to eat this. At least I AM, no side effects if you know what I mean.

Now I still have 2 more in the fridge.

Need to hit the GYM.(later I hope)

bye bye.

Shutter Release Cable

So I received my shutter release cable for analog cameras or 35mm film cameras.
It's made in Germany.
And labeled on it is "Prontor."

Check below in youtube video for vid.

It about 18" in length and has a lock for long exposure time, or in bulb mode.

Pics of SRC

Attached to my Lubitel 166 B 

My first tablet

Pic below. Haven't used it fully yet, cause I'm waiting on screen protector to arrive.... Don't want any scratches on screen. Hurrry upppp and arrive

My first Tablet.

So I just bought a new Tablet. My first Tablet actually. It's getting its first full charge right now.
It's the Asus EEE Transformer.
Yes, I know, the new Transformer Prime is coming. But it's coming in December, with no exact date. Despite the launch day being today 11/09/11. You still have to wait till December.
Am I crazy for not waiting? no.
I don't want to pay $500 for ipad 2 or the new 32 gb Asus trasnformer prime.
That's just ridiculous.
So why not settle for this one.
And plus I got it brand new for $275.
But I wish it was around 200$. But KEEP dreaming.

My unboxing video on YouTube. Go Check it out.
Video channel down below.

Day 1 - New Blog Start


Going to start taking more photos for people to discuss, comment, enjoy, look at, critique, etc.

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