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[Project] 366

[Project] 366

A Photo A Day.

[Project] 366

Project 366

Start Dec. 31. 2011.

MCAT - 29 Days Remaining.

MCAT - 29 Days Until I take it. 

So most likely no new post for the next 29 Days...(besides this one)
Physics, gchem, bio, verbal, maybe throw in some ochem...
Read some topics for Essay, pshhhhhh... 

Spire - Siri for iphone 4 (installation and tutorial-ish)

So Spire the newest update program that is suppose to let people with iphone 4 on ios 5.0, get SIRI.

 I just get down to the details.

If you want it, its on Cydia right now. Get it before something happens and it gets taken down, but it shouldn't cause it's legal now.

It will take up about 100MB of your iphone's memory. Better hope you internet connection doesn't break, or else you're gonna have to Start guess..

Basic Installation/Tutorial:
  1. open cydia
  2. search for "Spire"
  3. Install over wi-fi connection without breaking the connection
  4. Get you proxy server code in some fashion or manner 
  5. or else, wait til you get the proxy server code

Now the problem, or Most definitely gonna be a problem:
You need a Spire proxy, in order for Siri to work completely.

Well, you're gonna ask., "where do I get one?"
Chpwn, one of the hackers, said to get one from (choose one applicable to you below)::
  • A friend with an i4s 
  •  Google Chrome’sspeech “API”
  • Maybe someone will ask you to pay for a proxy code (eventually in the near future). 

Let's just hope this SPIRE program gets an update or another workaround the proxy dilemma.

Or, Someone with an iphone 4s will release their proxy code. But if the latter is the case, you better hope APPLE doesn't find a way to limit one specific proxy code to register with the Apple/Siri server.
OR ELSE, people will most likely not give it away, my guess.

Hoping for new release soon. Also hoping that you don't need ios 5.0 or above to use siri in the future.
Cause of the text limiting issue.

If you want more in-depth details, go check out chpwn's blog.

周杰伦(Jay Chou) - 你好吗(Are you OK?) - [Piano Cover]

So I did a piano cover of  周杰伦(Jay Chou) - 你好吗(Are you OK?) - [Piano Cover]
Check it out.

Download the sheet music here: LINK TO PIANO SHEET

Merry Christmas!

34D 11:42:50 til MCAT.
What a crap present.


Stop SOPA.

Didn't Know about it til yesterday.
Postponed til 2012?
It's suppose to be the end of internet, if passed.

Day 101.

Eating for Grandma, today.
Huge dinner at restaurant.
-Pics of dad salting the chicken.

Yesterday, we had to line up the sidewalks with incense. This is suppose to let Grandma find way back home. And then we burn a bunch of paper and
1 million dollar bills (fake of course, or is it?)

Pics of the burning below.

Where's the Siri port to iphone 4 ehh?

Where's the Siri port ehh?

ios 5.0.1 jailbreak is gonna be release soon.
How long before the Fully Functional Siri port to iphone 4 can become a reality?

You Won't Let Me - Rachael Yamagata - Piano Cover

Rachael Yamagata CD, Chesapeake, was release not to long ago or long ago.
Never heard of her.

Then saw a video of her new single. Loved it.
I saw somewhere this single was on a Snakeweed sessions

And then I decided to play the song by ear.
Therefore, no Piano sheets. 

Check it out here: My Piano Cover of You Won't Let Me


Digitaliza review - 35mm Film Scanning Mask - Lomography

So just received the digitaliza from eBay. Design by lomography.

Pretty easy to use.
It's straight forward.
open the film adapter.
Slide your 35mm film in. Press the magnetic holder on top and close down the lid.
Now after scanning, my Epson 4490 is able to use it.

Now the major problem I'm having is after scanning.
When you include the sprocket holes in the marquee selection. The scanner is confuse and will not provide the right color. 
When you exclude the sprocket holes, the pictures gets the right color, from a color negative picture scan. 

What's the solution?
My guess right now is to either exclude the sprocket holes, which defeats the purpose of buying a digitaliza. Unless you just want straight film scans for easier selection marquee tool.

You include the sprocket holes. Then edit the scan in Photoshop. 
This way you get the sprockets and you can adjust the color. 

Anyone know another solution?
Perhaps some special setting in the epson scanning software 3.2.4A for epson scanner 4490? 

That is my guess. 

Check out My unboxing vid on Youtube, Link is on the side, under [MY videos] 

Pictures below:


那些年,我们一起追的女孩 - [You Are The Apple Of My Eye] - STREAM,download, watch LINK


S found the link to watch.

WATCH before it gets taken down.

-This is for all those that don't live in Taiwan and can't see the elsewhere.


Leave comments below.

Can't post the link here, better to send email.

no violations.

UPDATE : 12-11-2011

So it appears the link that was online has been taken down.

The Good thing is "someone" still has a copy on their computer.

You are not gonna find a Link or torrent for it (as of today).

Thunder torrent doesn't work.

Here are screen shots of the movie:

You can see on last screen shot (on the bottom there are some white words), the movie is in a player, and the length of time of the movie, and it's on pause.

-If you really dying to see it, just

1.) sign up and follow my blog and

2.) shoot me a message, email, or comment.

Both steps 1 / 2.

Update 12-15-11

The File is sent via torrent link.

For those that want it.

Update 12-18-11

CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY!!!!! (as least for those rechecking or privately following my blog.)

HERE'S THE LINK: Apple Eye Movie Torrent Link  

UPDATE 01-05-2012


I changed from mediafire. No password required for this torrent file.


UPDATE 12-19-11

UPDATE 12-21-11

1. DL it - You need the password to download it:

Hints: the password is: 2 words, you have seen it today, no space between the 2 words when typing it in, no caps. NEXT big HINT, its in the url above.

(If you can't guess need help... (as in you need help) me.

Side note: Opps, I thought "private" file allows people with the link to see it. Apparently not. Anyway, I changed it back to public. But you still need a password.

2. Unzip it (read the READ ME text file.)

3. Use your own torrent DL program


4. Seed so others can watch. (I must be the first person to seed it out. And then when others get it, they can start seeding it. I'm seeding from: 12pm CST to 12-1am CST.)

Adjust your time accordingly.

I don't want to live my computer on the entire night. so once people start getting it. It'll be easier to seed to others in your region.*******

5. If someone wants the link. Direct back to my blog.

UPDATE 12-21-11

I need some feedbacks, on whether you're able to download using the torrent.

I see one person under my peer list, using a mac.

Let me know ASAP.

UPDATE 12-24-11

Nobody's giving me feedback as to whether they can download the actual movie file (not the torrent file). So, I'm assuming it works. I only see a few peers on my torrent program. 


UPDATE 01-05-2012

I'm still seeding the Torrent file, the new one that is. 

UPDATE 01-13-12

OK, I just sent a bunch of people the torrent file via email. 

And I see more people leeching. Seed people. Seed. 

Update 02-06-12

A lot of people seeding now. So I won't seed as often.

Leave comments on the movies, and drop a thanks below.


Invisible shield for iPhone 4/4S - Review

So I received my invisible shield iphone 4 screen protector. 
Old one was getting cut and torn up real bad. 
This was on sale during cyber Monday. 
7.50$ each + 2$ shipping

The REVIEW: Left the screen cover to dry over night as the instruction says.
I really like this screen protector. It feels nice to the touch of my finger tips.
The iphone SCREEN looks gorgeous with this on, compared to my first screen protector which cost about $3.
Looks durable.
Now I need to test it for awhile to see if usual usage will tear up the screen protector, base on the videos promoting this invisible shield, there shouldn't be any problem withstanding everyday usage.

Check out my unboxing video on youtube, links all the way down bottom of page
I have an unboxing video,

I also have an "HOW TO" / tutorial installation video on my youtube. 

These are 2 different videos. Check them both out. 


I bought 2 of them

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